Virechana (The Purgation)

In this detoxification therapy, all vitiated doshas and toxins are eliminated through the return. It includes intake of Ayurvedic and herbal medicines which reduce doshas and toxins from the body and collect them to the abdomen. Mainly, Pitta is situated at the level of intestine. So, it is the best way to expel it through the anal route. The Ayurvedic medicines which are used for the procedure may vary from person to person depending patient's digestion strength.

Virechana Karma is the second procedure in the sequence of Panchakarma, mainly aimed at morbid Pitta Dosha. In simple words Virechana is that procedure which expels out the Doshas through Anal passage. Virechana is mainly intended for Pitta Dosha but it eliminates also Kapha Dosha.

Purgatives eliminate excess Pitta from its site in the liver, gall bladder, and small intestine (it does not deal with the large intestine). The bitter purgatives like rhubarb, senna, or aloe also clean the liver and gall bladder decongest bile and remove obstructions to its flow.

Procedure Details

Pre - Procedure

it is performed because the doshas which are supposed to be eliminated from our body are scattered throughout the body, those doshas come in stomach which is considered a headquarter (moolsthan) of kapha dosha due to this pre-procedure.

Patient is also mentally and physically prepared by this pre-procedure. It is the procedure of consuming a given amount of Medicated Ghruta in the morning ( Abhyantar Snehan) and whole body massage & Steaming in a clinic (Bahya Snehan - Swedan)

After - Procedure

Advantages of Virechana therapy

  • The patient feels very relaxed, clean, light and strong after going through virechana therapy successfully.
  • It normalizes the digestion, assimilation and appetite of the body.
  • Virechana therapy helps to bring clarity to the mind and also stimulates the intellectual level.
  • It is quite effective in the treatment of Pitta disorders, such as skin inflammations.
  • This therapy is also used for the treatment of diseases like chronic fever, piles, abdominal tumors, worms and gout.
  • Virechana is also effectively used for treating jaundice, irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal problems and constipation.
  • In addition to that, this therapy is also used for treatment of several other diseases such as diabetes, asthma, goitre, leprosy, headaches, elephantiasis and gynecological disorders.