The body is scrubbed using combination of exfoliating herbal powders with specialstrokes enabling deep cleansing of the skin and its pores by breaking down cellulite under the skin. This also stimulates blood flow and eliminates toxin accumulation from your tissues.

It softens and exfoliates dead skin cells, thereby giving a lustrous glow to the skin, improves mobility of joints and reduces the blood cholesterol. Prolonged use helps rid your body of cellulite and excessive fat.

The massage technique involves applying powerful strokes in a direction opposite to the direction of growth of skin hair. This means that the therapist will be applying strokes predominantly upward. These strong strokes will generate heat and will ensure that the medication is absorbed through the skin. However, the primary effect occurs because of the pressure the therapist applies during the procedure.

This pressure helps in breaking down all the fat that is commonly stored right under the skin. In addition, the heat helps in melting the fat away.



Who Should Take Udhwarthanam Treatment ?

The additional effect of this massage is the improved blood circulation, which improves the texture and quality of the skin and efficient detoxification.

  • Body Stiffness?
  • Worried about Abdominal Fat Accumulation?
  • Do you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis?

If you have any of these symptoms, see an Ayurvedic Doctor immediately or experience Udhwarthanam Ayurvedic massage.

It tones and exfoliates the skin, reduces fat tissue and weight, makes the skin radiant and glowing and improves skin complexion. It removes bad body odor and toxins, and cleanses the skin.