newAdmission notice for-MD (Ayurved) Cource- Rachna Sharir(06 Seats), Dravyaguna(06 Seats), Kriya Sharir(06 Seats), Panchakarma(06 Seats).


 Twenty four hour running Emergency equipped with all kinds of facilities such as Electrocardiography, Nebulization, Pulseoxymetre, Oxygen support system along with efficient doctors and competent crew.

2. 124 bedded indoor with private and common wards.

3. Large, spacious and clean wards nursed by dedicated and honest & homely nursing staff.

4. Large computerized lab with all kinds of investigations at reasonable rates.

5. Yoga and Prakritik Chikitsa available to help the patient gain sound mental and physical health.

6. Immunization of kids and their regular growth assessment by experienced Pediatrician.

7. An expert team of doctors, surgeons and nursing staff successfully running and managing the hospital and striving to achieve the goal of spreading health and happiness amongst the entire mankind.

1. Well furnished and modernized operationtheatre.

2. With all kinds of general surgery (Hernia, Hydrocoel, Gall bladder stone, Piles, Fistulas, Fissures, Fibroids) are done by experts andunder sound anaesthesia.

Special Features:
1. Non invasive, painless and quick treatment of Piles, Fissures and Fistulas etc. by Kshar Sutra Vidhi.

2. Jalauka treatment for chronic blood diseases and related problems.